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Keymacro is a keystroke recorder designed to record any number of keystrokes from any application, including on-screen keyboards and text editors. It records keyboard presses and mousedowns in a variety of formats: keystrokes, mouse clicks, MacOS mouse events, and mouse movements. You can access the captured keystrokes from Keymacro, edit them, and use them to automate your workflow.
The feature list for Keymacro
Keymacro works in Mac and Windows, and is usable without having to install additional software. The software has been tested in the following versions of the operating systems: Mac OS X 10.6-10.10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
Importing captured keystrokes
Keymacro has a built-in database, called KeymacroDB, that lets you import keystroke data captured from various sources, including the MacOS keyboard, a Windows virtual keyboard, on-screen keyboards, and text editors.
To import keystrokes into the database, simply open the application, select «Import» in the main menu and then choose the format of the data you want to import.
Export keystrokes
Keymacro lets you export captured keystrokes in the MacOS and Windows formats. For MacOS, Keymacro uses the KeymacroDB, so you need to have that installed before exporting. Windows does not require additional software to save keystroke data, but you can choose the target format from the menu. You can also export keystrokes to the clipboard or a file.
Noteworthy aspects of Keymacro
Keymacro uses the OS X Keychain API to make it easier to capture data.
It has been tested in multiple keyboard layouts.
It works on MacOS 10.10 and above, as well as in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
It can work with key combinations.
You can make Keymacro start recording automatically when it detects a change to a text field, for example.
Additional features:
Keymacro can also be used to export keystroke data to AutoHotkey.
Up to 100 hours of recording time
If you have trouble capturing data on OS X, Keymacro can use the Xcode TextEdit extension, so you can use the keyboard for an unlimited time while in TextEdit.
The application has been tested on the following versions of the operating systems: Mac OS X 10. 384a16bd22

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The ability to back up all product-activation information of MS Office via the registry.
Main features:
✔ Select your OS version
✔ Backup version of Office
✔ Back up the product-activation key
✔ Back up the product-activation key-hash
✔ Regenerate your product-activation key
✔ Restore the backup
✔ Import data from Office and Excel 2010 for.xlsx file
✔ Export data to Office and Excel 2010 for.xlsx file
✔ Import data from Office 2013 for.docx file
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IDAPro uses ‘hexedit’ to display and modify a binary file, usually a.hex or.hxx one. It is a hex editor to edit files written in hexadecimal code, a code usually used in computer programming for binary files.
IDAPro is also one of the best tools to reverse engineer a binary file and even to reverse it’s binary code.

Master HEX Editor for Windows features:
-Multi-threading decoding
-Dehexing and other decoding functions
-Binary to decimal conversion
-Decompiling and recompiling functions
-Detecting constant hex or decimal operations
-C++ editing and object creation
-Register and Unregister functions
-Managing projects
-Creating a new project
-Linking functions
-Functions and class data editing
-Managing data base objects
-Managing views of data base objects
-Image editing
-Paste clipboard functions
-Tape editing
-Forms editor
-Assigning properties
-Event functions
-Checking for user input (C or C++ programs)
-Detecting variables
-Detecting function calls
-Detecting functions
-Detecting specific data
-Creating and editing functions
-Editing forms
-Editing buttons and control objects
-Edit an Excel file
-Editing an HTML file
-Detecting the start of function code
-Detecting the end of function code
-The stack
-The call stack
-Debugging and breakpoints
-Compiler debugging
-Compiler optimizer
-Hex editor
-Viewing the code of the.exe file
-Viewing the code of the.