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Keymacro is a program to generate macros. Keymacro can be used to generate Windows event macros and batch files.
You can use Keymacro to record keyboard events and its actions and reactions and save them into a text file. The text file will be the script. You can then run the script by double clicking on it. A Window that allows you to type in text is opened. You then click the macro button and it is recorded. If you want to edit the script you can click on the edit button and edit the script if required. The script can then be saved if you press the save button. If you want to export the macros for Windows, then you click on the export button. The Window that comes up allows you to select which folder you want to export the macros into. You then click the OK button and you can then start typing the folder location for the macros.
Keymacro will only allow you to set macros for the primary Windows key combination. If you want to have a Macro recorded for Alt, Control, Delete or another key combination, you need to download Keymacro Pro, a separate program that will allow you to do this. Keymacro, as mentioned previously, is a program to generate macros.
Keymacro is freeware but a licence is required if you want to use it.
Keymacro is a professional tool to record keystrokes on the computer keyboard.

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KeyMacro is a powerful and easy-to-use macro recorder. It allows you to easily record your keyboard’s keystrokes. It supports command-line switches such as «-help», «-?», «-a», «-b», «-c», «-d», «-e», «-f», «-g», «-i», «-l», «-m», «-o», «-p», «-q», «-s», «-t», «-u», «-v», «-x», «-y», «-z», «-A», «-B», «-C», «-D», «-E», «-F», «-G», «-H», «-I», «-L», «-M», «-O», «-P», «-Q», «-S», «-T», «-U», «-V», «-X», «-Y», «-Z», «-_», «-0», «-1», «-2», «-3», «-4», «-5», «-6», «-7», «-8», «-9», «-=» and «-/».
Download KeyMacro today!
KeyMacro allows you to record your keyboard’s keystrokes to automatically enter codes on websites and create a list of visited websites. You can also record your mouse’s movements, use custom shortcuts, or use repetitive characters. It can even help you in a game by recording all the keys you use during a session.
KeyMacro provides a wonderful solution for programmers and computer enthusiasts that want to automate repetitive tasks.
KeyMacro features:
1. Manage your custom shortcut keys and mouse movement.
2. Record your keys and mouse movement.
3. Transfer the list of websites recorded by you to your computer via email.
4. Add your name to a login history list.
5. View your website history list.
6. Playlists and global lists.
7. Keyboard macros, websites, custom shortcuts, mouse movement, repetition.
8. Create a list of websites, e-mail, keyboard, mouse movement.
9. Create a personal log and easy access.
10. Access to your Mac and PC via Browser.
KeyMacro is a keyboard/mouse monitoring and recoding software. It features a powerful and easy-to-use user interface, which helps you to record your keyboard’s keystrokes and mouse movements without the need for any prior knowledge of programming. You can make a list of websites you’ve visited, record your website movements, create a login history, add your name to a log, and view a

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