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How to prevent subversion from checking out my working directory?

I have a script that creates a working copy for me, performs some changes, and then checks out the whole working copy. I do this because I’m running into a bug that is only present on the local machine and not the upstream server.
Somehow, the subversion command line program is figuring out that the working copy is out of date, and therefore checks it out. Is there some way I can configure subversion to not check out the working copy, but instead simply copy an updated version to it?


If you’re using the subversion client scripts, you can use svn switch –depth (or Depth(s) where (s) is the number of levels of depth you want to switch), it will switch back to the selected working copy without performing any checkout.

Posted January 18, 2018 at 2:04 am

Admittedly, Rick’s speech was somewhat lacking in the delivery department, and in an effort to rectify that, I gave him some practice.

Anyway, I suspect the intent of the whole gag was to do this:

So, yeah, want to know why she’s doing this?

Her name is Gypsy!

Grape Jelly


I know I already said this, but keeping in mind I’m a sucker for these sorts of jokes, the girl I am talking about is called Gypsy, and she’s a character in Overwatch.



Hope you enjoyed that one.

I’d also like to add that this was an honest mistake on my part, as ZETA was by far the easiest to draw of all the characters I wanted to address.

And, they’re learning about Gypsy, I suppose.


Oh, and, uh, I’m glad you liked the last joke. I was rather surprised I didn’t get more than a few comments, and apparently I did get some meaningful ones.


Jul 17, 2007
The first version of PHP bytecode cryptography package – named Ioncube PHP Encoder.
Apr 14, 2020
You can safely encrypt PHP scripts using an ioc7 encryption container — The Hacking ioc7 containers.
You can store and distribute encrypted. They’re long, so tiny, ready for deployment. Save $9 a month or more in your .
Jun 26, 2012
IonicCube 5.0 RC2 released
Feb 3, 2012
IonicCube 2.0 available Now you can transfer and distribute your encrypted PHP scripts with ZIP compression.
Dec 4, 2018
ioncube is released version 9.2.0 is now available. It compiles PHP source code to a .
Sep 23, 2017
IonicCube 6.0 RC1 released
May 26, 2017
IonicCube 5.0 released
Jul 11, 2007
The ionCube Encoder transforms PHP source code into PHP bytecode. It’s different from software and .
When the ionCube Encoder has been installed, edit any PHP source file, and it can’t be cracked. It’s only 16 percent code long, and .
Jul 19, 2007
The IonCube Encoder converts the PHP source into PHP bytecode — a raw. I say 50% secure because advanced programmers can easily crack the .
Another step with Encoder 6.5 was to not store compiled code where it’s supposed to be. Any extension or modified PHP engine that trawled .
Feb 7, 2007
They are actively selling «services» for cracking Ioncube and other popular PHP encryption methods. A friend of mine made me aware of them, .
Mar 23, 2022
ionCube Encoder version 10.2.0 is now available as an update to version 10! It features encoding support for PHP 7.2 and a useful new .
Securely encode your scripts with the ionCube PHP Encoder.. Is that mean I will get all 8.x minor updates for free till 9.x major update?
Mar 18, 2022
You can install ioncube to protect your php code against copy, ensuring nobody will be able to crack. The ionCube Encoder compiles source .
Mar 21, 2022
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Mar 21, 2022

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