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You can define the dissolution process in a number of ways:
– Fluctuating concentration profiles
– Change of solid-liquid surface
– Different solubility profiles at the surface
– Fluctuating concentrations in the bulk solution
– Change of diffusivity and viscosity at the surface
– Dummy variable in the bulk and/or at the surface.
Dissolution models:
You can choose between two types of dissolution models:
– An average-no surface kinetics model
– Surface kinetics model.
Free parameters:
– Surface curvature
– Surface thickness
– MgO content
– Concentration and diffusivity of bulk solution
– Fluctuations in the bulk solution
– Fluctuations in the surface
– Diffusivity and viscosity at the surface
– Dummy variable in the bulk and/or at the surface.
– +/- 0.01 % on average of all data.
1) Loading the file containing the raw data
2) Pressing the ‘Run’ button or the ‘Compute current button’
3) After the computation you can open the results in DAT-Editor (press «File» > «Open»)
4) You can press the ‘Save’ button to save the results as a.dat file or save them to the clipboard (press the «File» > «Save As»)
5) Press the ‘Compute’ button again if you want to compute the results of a specific batch-unit
6) You can open the ‘Curve View’ to see the results of the batch-unit
– You can always switch the kinetic and mechanical models.
– You can easily choose which model to use.
– You can select the ‘Save Settings’ button to save the settings as default, you can then choose which model you want to use next time.
– You can choose which model to use by pressing the ‘Load settings’ button, the settings are read from.dsx file.
– You can save the settings as a.dsx file so you don’t have to define them again next time.
– You can remove the settings from your default settings if you don’t need it anymore.
– You can define your own function.
– You can choose which fields to display in your graph.
– You can save the graphs as png, jpeg or pdf file. 384a16bd22

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It is an advanced macro recorder application. It records mouse and keyboard events like key presses, clicks, scrolls, timings, etc, and allows for playback of recorded macros. It can be used as an OS independent, advanced, keyboard shortcut recorder/manager application.
KEYMACRO makes it easy to record any arbitrary series of key presses, clicks, or mouse movements. Simply highlight the desired area and record! With the macro editor, you can then easily modify any pre-recorded macro or create new ones. You can also edit pre-recorded macro as much as needed. Multiple variations of the same action can be created by placing different parts in the same macro. When recording, you can see the exact time that was used to make the macro. You can use the different parts of a macro to create complicated shortcuts. All records are saved in keymacro.conf file in the user’s desktop folder.
Keymacro can also play back pre-recorded macros. It can be used to quickly replay a part of a macro, create a sequence of recorded keystrokes/clicks/scrolls, create a timed sequence of keystrokes/clicks/scrolls, create a sequence of keystrokes/clicks/scrolls with different speed/rate, or as a last resort, create a timer. You can also adjust the speed/rate of a replay with the keymacro.conf file.


I am using ZAP for that. Here is a screenshot from it:

You can also make a password protection for your desktop and access it with the password you have configured.


Nmap is the ultimate network monitor. It’s not GUI and uses pings and nc (a packet-culling tool) to monitor networks.

There is also wireshark for GUI monitoring.

Time to Seize the Bullet Train: $23 Billion a Year for California

A quick note on the bullet train today as a reminder that by the time the first segment in California comes online, it will have been over a decade since the last big California infrastructure project was approved. It has been 16 years since voters approved Proposition 1A (1992) which started the “high-speed rail” project — and $17 billion has already been spent on the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s plans

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