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How to use the Windows Key Macro:
1. In the Local Server field, type in the workgroup name or IP address of the computer on which the Macro will be executed.
2. If the Local Server field is set to the IP address, type in the port and then enter a 0 (zero) at the end of the entry, and click Add.
3. Select the Target Computer from the list of computers on the remote computer by clicking on the name of the remote computer.
4. Click on the Configure button.
5. Choose the Remote program and add the script.
6. Click OK.
7. Click OK again to return to the first page of the dialog box.
8. Click OK to close the wizard, and then click OK on the confirmation message.
9. You should see the script on the remote computer’s desktop. You can double-click on the script to execute it.
LOCAL MACRO Description:
How to use the Local Macros:
You can use KeyMacro to specify a path on a remote machine. KeyMacro will execute a local script that you specify on a remote machine.
LOCAL PATH C:\Program Files\Program Name\Start Menu\Program Name.
The local script can be named anything you like, as long as it’s located on the remote machine.
KEYMACRO Examples:
KeyMacro lets you specify the workgroup name or IP address of the remote computer, and the port on the remote computer to connect to the remote computer. It will execute the script or program you specify on the remote machine.
If you have a script named TextToCopy.bat, you can run the script remotely by using this KeyMacro:
C:\Program Files\Server Software\KeyMacro\KeyMacro.exe -remoteC mce {*} -localC «\\Server1\server2\c$\TextToCopy.bat» -targetC «MyServer» -port 3000
The first option, -remoteC, specifies the name of the workgroup on the remote computer, the second option, -localC, specifies the path on the local machine to the script to run, the third option, -targetC, specifies the name of the remote computer on which to run the script, and the fourth option, -port 3000, specifies the port on the remote computer.
You can also specify a path on a remote computer by using the LOCAL 384a16bd22

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This is a user-selectable history calculator.
It allows users to calculate variables for memory usage, energy consumption, time taken, and overall «calories burned».
The calculations are based on historical averages of mouse clicks and keystrokes.
■ Track Memory Usage
Time spent in calculation mode and any history entries is updated.
A history size is preset for each track by default.
All results can be saved to a file for future reference.
■ Mouse Movement and Mouse Click Support
Measures can be calculated based on mouse movement and mouse clicks.
■ Enter Keystrokes as Calculation Input
If you have trouble entering keystrokes with a keyboard, this utility can be a useful aid.
■ Optional Pre-calculation Support
You can now calculate the memory usage for each previous hour or day.
If you save the file with a.calc extension, the pre-calculation is stored in the file with a.history extension.
You can find this file in your histories folder.
■ Optionally Show Mouse Movement
If you would like to see mouse movements, you can set this.
■ Optionally Show History Entries
If you would like to see history entries, you can set this.
These settings are saved on your computer preferences.
■ Optional «Calculate» Button
If you would like to see the calculations right away, you can set this.
■ Optional «Stop» Button
This takes you back to the main calculator.
■ Optionally Run As a Web Browser Component
This will run the calculator as a web browser component for an easy link.
■ Optionally Run As a Widget
This will run the calculator as a widget on your desktop.
■ Optionally Capture Keystrokes
Use this to capture keystrokes in the calculator.
■ Optionally Increase History Size
As the calculator runs, the history size is automatically adjusted.
The default history size is 30 lines.
You can set a new history size by clicking on the history size input box.
A user-friendly size-help message will appear.
In the field that says «Calculate for…», type how many items are in the default history size.
To calculate the entire history size, type 100.
If you type 10, it will calculate the last 10 items.
If you type less thanг±os-jugando-en-vacaciones-img_20201219_002357-imgsrc-ru/

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