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Rinzo XML Editor is a small but handy tool for quickly editing any XML content. It provides XML editing features including validation, content assist, outline/hyperlink, formatting, etc. This tool lets you open any document in your PC and modify it. You can save the content with other data formats including XML, HTML, plain text and others. It lets you read and search XML files easily. There are basic XML editing features and advanced features, such as reading XML through standard input, standard output, file stream and clipboard. You can create your own schema and save the XML content in it. You can sort, group, find, search and modify content in XML format. The tool supports validating and validating content of your XML documents. It also has the ability to import XML documents and export them in the original format.
Save your time by using Rinzo XML Editor
You can easily edit XML files with this tool. The interface is extremely easy to use and provides simple to use functions. There are many features like file import, file export, schema and XML document verification and validation. You can also view the XML content in the outline format, hyperlinked and in the plain text format. There are various editing and search tools like Cut, Copy, Paste, Text to XML and Text to HTML. The XML editor supports syntax validation. You can easily create a schema for your XML documents. You can easily create and save schema for your XML documents. You can perform validating and validating content of your XML files. You can search and find the content of your XML document easily. The tool also allows you to edit the content of your XML documents and import XML documents to the editor.
Key features:
✔ Quickly open XML documents with other formats, such as XLS, TXT, HTML, CSV and Plain Text.
✔ Edit XML documents by removing/adding tags, adding/removing elements, editing attributes, etc.
✔ Import XML documents to the editor.
✔ Export XML documents in the original format.
✔ Display the XML document in the outline format, hyperlinked and in the plain text format.
✔ View the content of the XML document in the outline format, hyperlinked and in the plain text format.
✔ View the XML document in the XML content editor.
✔ View the XML document in the XML schema editor.
✔ Save the XML document in the XML format.
✔ Verify the XML documents.
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KeyMacro is a free utility that lets you import and export multimedia data in a variety of formats (including EXE, MTS, 3GP, MP4, ASF, WMV, AVI, PDF, HTML, ZIP, RAR, TXT, DOC, PPT and TTF) in a convenient and easy way.

AIM Software – AIMP Anyplace Email Manager 2.2.28
AIM Software – AIMP Anyplace Email Manager is designed to be an email manager for Microsoft Exchange Server (2003 and 2007). AIMP Anyplace Email Manager was designed to be a useful and powerful tool for the everyday user. It allows the user to view all of their messages at any time, from any location, and view their messages from multiple sources. AIMP Anyplace Email Manager allows the user to have email available on multiple computers and at the same time have all emails viewable at once.

Deep Freeze for Exchange 2003 2.1
Deep Freeze for Exchange 2003 will help prevent your organization from falling victim to one of the most prevalent virus threats — worms and spyware. Using a proprietary virus definition list, Deep Freeze for Exchange 2003 allows you to configure your Exchange servers to block new worms and spyware threats for a specified period of time.
• Email Virus Blocker and Virus Scanner using a proprietary Virus Definition List• Exclude Email Addresses and Domains from Scanning• Possibility to have only a few email accounts checked• Prevent unwanted users/groups from logging in to the system• Manage all your services including anti-virus, anti-spyware, email filters and more

GEDAR ( – File and Folder Exporter and Importer 1.7.2
GEDAR is a file and folder exporter and importer with multiple format support and context menu toolbars. It is designed to be the fastest way to export and import files and folders from and to any supported format. It provides the ability to exclude files or folders from export/import operations and provide file and folder exclusions. Context menus and toolbars are provided to ease common operations such as editing the contents of a folder, moving/renaming/deleting files/folders. It can also handle ZIP archives and RAR archives.

HmConnect Library Manager
HmConnect Library Manager is designed to work with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers

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